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The Writing of Keith Drury

No fancy graphics or streaming video here—just a site of provocative and sometimes helpful writing for Christians who think. Thanks for dropping by. Help yourself to anything you need -- everything is free but its worth it. -- Keith Drury


I write columns for fun and silliness,

I write books as serious ministry

Other than “So what do you think” (collected columns)

the rest are serious books of the Renovare’ genre


BOOKS by Keith Drury



With Unveiled Faces: Experience Intimacy with God through Spiritual Disciplines 


Not pictured above yet: Buy Unveiled Faces from Wesleyan Publishing House (or from the royalty robbers at





Call of a Lifetime—is the Ministry God’s Plan for your Life?   (2003)   A  book for people considering the call to the ministry. On line here are the rough drafts for your reference.


§         Preface to book               

 Buy Call of a Lifetime cheaper from Wesleyan Publishing House (where I get a decent royalty )

Or from royalty robbers 

§         Introduction to the book   

§         .Chapter 1--What is “the ministry”                

§         .Chapter 2--.“ministry” and “the Ministry  

§         .Chapter 3--What is a ”Call” to the ministry?

§         .Chapter 4-- A minister’s family tree              

§         .Chapter 5-- Kinds of calls                             

§         .Chapter 6--Women and Ministry                 

§         .Chapter 7 --Confirming the call                     

§         .Chapter 8--  God’s fingerprints in my life     

§         .Chapter 9 .  Kinds of ministry Jobs

§         .Chapter 10 -- Preparing for the ministry

§         .Chapter 11 -- Calling and leading

§         .Chapter 12--  Dating and Marriage

§         .Chapter 13--  My ordination service

§         .Chapter 14--  First Decade of Ministry

§         .Chapter 15-- Appendix FAQ on ministry   

§         .Epilogue --    Epilogue to book                           



The Wonder of Worship—Why we Worship the Way We Do.


Buy Wonder of Worship cheaper from  Wesleyan Publishing House


or from royalty robbers   


You’ll love this history of worship written in an easy to read style that will make the discussion of worship in your church enlightened. 


Table of Contents

1. Music/Praise

2. Public and Private Prayer

3. Scripture and Preaching

4. Baptism

5. Lord’s Supper

6. The Altar Call

7. The Greeting Handshake

8. Personal Testimony

9. Ecstatic Expression

10. Time As a Means of Organizing Worship

11. Sunday

12. Easter

13. Christmas

14. Church Buildings

15. Furnishings

16. Weddings

17. Christian Funerals

18. Four Old Testament Streams of Worship

19. Jewish Feasts and Festivals

20. Recent Streams of American Worship

21. Books to Read Next

22. A Study of Worship Sources

23. Worship Time Line

24.  Glossary of Worship Terms


So, What do You Think?

Buy So What Do You Think  from   Wesleyan Publishing House where I get a decent royalty…


or from the royalty robbers at   

A collection of the best Tuesday Columns—many of them on this web site. It is set up in a handy study format for small groups, Sunday school, and "board discipleship." In the 250 page book version (as compared to the "rough draft editions" on line) each chapter closes with excellent discussion questions to get your group into the Scriptures as they hammer out their thinking on an issue. The essay is used to prompt discussion and ignite a Bible study.




Spiritual Disciplines For Ordinary People


Buy cheaper from Wesleyan Publishing House  where I get a decent royalty…

Or from the royalty robbers at  

Watch out, these chapters step all over a reader's toes -- they are convicting, sobering, inspiring. One of two most popular studies for small groups and Sunday school written by Keith Drury.

Chapter 1. How Christians change... crisis and process.
Chapter 2 Restitution.....making things right.
Chapter 3. Grudges....forgiving old hurts.
Chapter 4. Thought to overcome impure sexual thoughts.
Chapter 5. Restoration....restoring a fallen Christian.
Chapter 6. Humility....the discipline of putting off pride.
Chapter 7. Ambition....putting off selfish ambition
Chapter 8. Honesty....speaking only absolute truth
Chapter 9. Peacemaking....mending broken relationships.
Chapter 10. What to do when your light is brighter than your life.
Click here if you want to get whole book in one document

Money, Sex & Spiritual Power

Buy Money Sex and Spiritual Power from (Wesleyan Publishing House) where I get a decent royalty…

Or from the royalty robbers at 

Practical hints on spending, saving, giving, resisting materialism, fighting sexual temptation, developing sexual fulfillment in marriage, homosexuality, overcoming temptation, developing spiritual disciplines and gaining change power from God.

Chapter 1. How to get rich slow....wealth in 12 easy steps.
Chapter 2. The most accepted sin in the church.....the sin we all approve, even praise.
Chapter 3. Traveling woman's story of material downsizing.
Chapter 4. The seduction of nice material things can seduce even the best of us.
Chapter 5. Anatomy of adultery.... first person stories of 'how it happens.'
Chapter 6. How to protect yourself from sexual sin...eight ways to defend yourself.
Chapter 7. Keeping the fire hot at home....secrets to good sex inside your marriage.
Chapter 8. Can a homosexual be 'cured?'....several theological approaches
Chapter 9. Male Spirituality.....escaping from feminized religion.
Chapter 10. Nine thoughts about temptation....and a strategy to beat it.
Chapter 11. Three sure-fire ways to fall into sin.....its as simple as this.
Chapter 12. Accountability....How to establish accountability and stick with it.
Chapter 13. How to have a Day Alone With God....a secret powerhouse
Chapter 14. How to become a Morning Person.... watch it, this one sneaks up on you.
Or, click here if you want to get whole book in one document.

Holiness for Ordinary People

 Buy Holiness for Ordinary People from Wesleyan Publishing House  where I get a decent royalty…

Or from the royalty robbers at

A modern day rewrite of John Wesley's teaching on "entire sanctification" producing a holiness of life in the believer here and now through God's grace. The first chapter is the summary for the book. Later editions have been refined considerably, but this first edition on line has the essential elements of the book. This is the 1983 edition which was written as an "insider book" -- to people in the "Holiness movement." The later edition is written to the evangelical church at large. I confess -- I forgot to save the file when I re-wrote the book in 1996... and the publisher can't lay their hand on it either. So to get the newer version you'll have to do it on line. (Hey, I said all along holiness is not perfection from humanity!)

Chapter 1. Questions and answers about Holiness....a summary of Wesley's views on holiness.
Chapter 2. It's everywhere!.... the notion of holiness in the Bible and down through history.
Chapter 3. Sidetracks from holiness.... how this idea has been messed up down through the ages.
Chapter 4. Images of holiness.....word pictures to better understand holiness.
Chapter 5. Toward holiness the gradual and progressive sanctification toward total surrender.
Chapter 6. God's part.... in our sanctification.
Chapter 7. How to be filled and cleansed when you've come to that point.
Chapter 8. How to has really happened.
Chapter 9. Dialogue.... on living a holy life.
Chapter 10. Holiness and temperament....what changes, what doesn't.
Chapter 11. Holiness and stewardship.... a practical example of transformation.
Chapter 12. Holiness and security....just how secure is a Spirit-filled Christian?
Chapter 13. Continual consecration.... a day by day, step by step cleansing walk with Christ.


A Guide to Canoeing the Missouri River

Buy from for this guidebook…

or send your address and a ten dollar bill to Keith Drury             4201 S Washington Street, Marion IN 46953 and I’ll send you one lots cheaper


Written while canoeing the Missouri River in 1999—includes details on towns and river plus lots of tips on canoeing and camping. 

This book is also published here on line as well as the actual handy pocket size edition you can get from

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. SO YOU WANT TO CANOE THE MISSOURI RIVER? --here's what you've got in store...

Chapter 2. GEAR --a helpful list of gear to take and leave behind

Chapter 3. TIPS AND HINTS -- great ideas, tips, and hints on trekking.

Chapter 4. My Day-By-Day DIARY -- the journal of one man's trek down the river.

Chapter 5. TREKKING DATA -- a point by point guide to the river.

Chapter 6. AFTER YOUR TREK -- words to the recently finished.

Chapter 7: TRIBUTE TO A RIVER -- how the route becomes the companion.

Chapter 8: A SHORT BOOK LIST --to read before and during your trek .

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR -- and how trekking captivated him


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