BLOGS I read

Keeping up with the thinking and lives of people I like… and some I don’t.


These are the BLOGS I try to keep up with so I can get some great mental stimulation from people, stay up with the lives of my former students, and know what sort of things my readers are posting. 



Read & respond often

Schenck, Ken  My favorite Bible-head blogger—virtual plethora (also his archives) (also Bibleforum .

Amanda Hontz Drury  Real live youth pastor, IWU & Princeton seminary grad, good preacher.  (also her writing here)

Drury, Dave  Makes me LOL…has both a sense of humor and a serious side; IWU grad

Drury, John   Theological stuff that makes my head ache IWU grad, Ph.D. student at Princeton (also his writing archives)

Wright, Kevin   Asks tough questions, explores answers; IWU grad & now Duke Divinity school student 

Thada, Adam   IWU student, good thinker, excellent writer, faithful blogger, says it straight.

Kind, Paul  Returned from around-the-world trip and now a staff pastor in Rapid City South Dakota

Beard, Kurt  IWU grad –real world Lutheran-leaning theological writer

Jeremy & Andrea Summers, students at Asbury Seminary 


Read often respond less

Christin Taylor  I knew she’d turn out to be a writer ever since she was a freshman

Dodrill, Jon  IWU grad now at Princeton Seminary—runs a coffee shop

Emergent Wesleyans  Young up-and-coming ministers & rebels in my denomination. NOT the official site of IWU—I love their cartoons & humor—but I’m twisted

Steve Edmonson MD from Michigan who starts with medicine and winds up with a devotional thought.

Watkins, Jim   Like me, Jim writes serious stuff in books and mostly craziness online—makes me laugh!


Read about once a month

           IWU Graduates, current students & staff

Bell, Jared 2005 graduate of IWU now in North Carolina

Bethay, Derek  Former student,  critic and serious thinker—prolific!

Bills, Sam Former student and now a student at Fuller seminary—clever and creative

Bowen, Brenden   Another stimulating colleague of mine

Bruce, Brandon    Former student and now a church planter—updates often with pix too

Butson  Fred   Former student and now a rock star of sorts

Crawford, Nate – IWU grad &  PhD student at Loyola University, Chicago

Drury, Amanda My daughter in law, PTS grad now a youth pastor  (also her writing here)

Drury, Dave  my son who almost posts as often as I do—but he’s more mature.

Drury, John   my son’s heady writing plus practical stuff from classes he teaches (also his writing here)

Ebbinghaus, Eric  Former student now in Bartlesville OK

Fowler, Josh Former student occasionally updates blog

Gentry, Justin --now in Temperance, Michigan,

Garlow, Josh  Cool worship guy-with-sax at Skyline, San Diego CA

Guy Project (Rowe/Osborn) Two former students who write reflectively about manhood/maleness.

Howard, Josh. Now pastor in St. Peters, Missouri,

Jellison, Andy.   Youth pastor in Plymouth, Indiana

Johnson, Justin; Jessica Former worship student, mentee and my church’s worship leader

Kinnan, Dave, Former student now in Manhattan Kansas at Real Life Church

Lahni, Beth   Former student and faithful poster on her blog.

Neff, Juli  Former student who hiked on the PCT with our group in 2005

Nentrup, Eric  Former student and super creative thinker

Osborn, Jarod Former student, youth pastor,

Pence   Kory  Regular and creative blogger-I wish he could get his brother blogging too.

Randolph, Blake, Present student, good thinker, missionary-in-training for Egypt

Richardson, Nate, Former student now in Greenville SC

Robinson, Glen  Former student, a really smart one, good reader, reads more than he blogs.

Rose, Devin  Right-tilting writer, wonderful humor and great artist

Rowe  Dave  Former student, musician, now in local church ministry and too busy to blog much

Sheets Stevan   Former student, the first student blogger ever, posts frequently, mostly personal.

Smith  Eddie Former student, the second student blogger ever, posts frequently, mostly personal.

Stokes, Emily & Josh  IWU grads now in Colorado 

Timmons, Eric (& Mary) Former students now in Wilsonville Oregon

Ussher, Clint & Jamie Recent graduates—from Australia, really talented couple.

Wes Pate (and friends) who is “trying to live in Alabama    “Brothers by blood”

Wiest  Rachel Former IWU student then seminar, now married

Wilson, Mark  Wesleyan Pastor in Wisconsin & IWU grad 

(Past student of mine I should be aware of?  Tell me your BLOG address


           Readers of my column, other professors, and other sites I visit

Sniper  Marion Hippie-elder-revolutionary great thinker “Dave Matthews, meets your Sunday School teacher”

Baxter, Jeff  Spiritual formation pastor in Ft Wayne.

Better Bibles  Woah—if you love the Bible text translation you’ll like this one

Brown, Brandon    Thinking student who writes on theology, emerging church & etc.

Collins-Jones, Scott The other Princeton student blog I read

Drury, Kathy  Daughter in law, wife of Dave, mother and practical money-stretcher,

Drury, Sharon   Former wife, present wife, future wife and writer on leadership, posts occasionally.

Friedeman, Matt  Evangelism Professor at Wesley Biblical Seminary

Galli, Wayne  Claims to be “just an average guy from Arkansas

Hallett, Eric  Great thinker in Flordia

Harrison, Mike Church planter in Grand Haven Michigan

Hayes, Matt  Student now at Wesleyan Biblical Seminary—occasionally posts

Heer, Ken Former associate at headquarters who occasionally updates site

Ling, Jeff  Average size church pastor in DC area—in shadow of super churches.

Millinerd  Keeping up with how Princeton Seminary student think

Pierpont, ken, Lots of short to-the-point observations—sort of devotional almost

Robertson, Dale  Glimpse into a bass-fisherman-pastor’s daily life

Rogers, Ginny, One of my readers blogging through the Bible

Rose. Matt  a staff pastor in the Western New York

Russell, Brian   Asbury Seminary-Flordia

Shirley, Paul  A reader from Florida with Bible devotionals

Thomas, AJ Youth Pastor at Hillside Wesleyan in the Atlantic District

Thomas, Reg  (Where does he find all these crazy things?

Walizer, Jody  IWU grad in Carlisle Penna.

White, Robin  Creative genius-graphics-Guru thinker form Canada—cool site

Woodard, Marcia  A column reader and start-up writer from Marion Indiana

Wilson Larry Larry writes a column for newspapers, he’s a good writer.  Also he’s my editor.

Yelvington, Jim –old friend & worship guy;  Mission Viejo, California,















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