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No fancy graphics or streaming video hereójust a site of provocative and sometimes helpful writing for Christians who think. Thanks for dropping by. Help yourself to anything you need -- everything is free but its worth it. -- Keith Drury



Reading these pages has been found to

cause thinking among some Evangelicals.

PASTORS: For ponderingÖ

~ Pastor: wants to become a College Professor (part 1)

~ How to Break into College Teaching?Ē (part 2)

~ How to leave a church when they fire you.

~ SAVE ON TAXES!Get ordained!

~ Canít get my people to invite others to church.††††

~ Financial Ethical decision-making for ministers

~ BEFORE YOU RESIGN: Migrating Ministers.... Questions to ask before resigning.
~ ENCOURAGEMENT: When discouraged with the state of the church -read this.

~ FAILURE: Successful Failure: nine lessons we can learn from failure.

~ FAMILY: Confessions of a telephone-hating preacher's kid.

~ FAMILY: Discipling your own kids... as a minister.

~ LYING: When pastor Rick says, "Build it and I will stay." -- is he lying?...... ( responses)
~ LYING: One million people read my writings every week -- evangelistically speaking, that is...... (Responses)
~ PASTORAL CHANGE: What do you think: Would your church hire this guy?..... ( responses)

~ PASTORAL CHANGE:Iíve got an idea: letís make the CHURCH do Resumes!!!
~ PASTORAL CHANGE: Here's our report from the Pastoral Search Committee on our interviews so far..... (Responses)
~ SEX: The Bigger They are the Harder they Fall -- when a "Big Guy" Falls?.......( responses)

~ PREACHING: How the TV Weathermen? are similar to preachers. .....(Responses)
~ PREACHING: 21 things I've observed watching Great Preachers.
~ SEX: How much of the Old-timers advice on sexual sin is still valid? .....(Responses)
~ SEX: What do we do when a leader has an affair.

~ SEX-RESTORATION: If you ever restore a fallen minister this will get you started.

~ STRESS: Did you start off this week with a Blue Monday?-- many ministers did.
~ ACCOUNTABILITY: How to establish accountability to become what you ought.
~ CALL/CAREER: Is it even possible to have a career in the ministry?
~ STRESS: Is pastoring harder today than it was 40 years ago?
~ MINISTERIAL DEPRESSION: Are you a depressed minister? Here's help.
~ FAMILY: Some tips on preparing for the empty nest.
~ STRESS: From reading my mail, I'd say ministry takes guts.
~ GUEST SPEAKER: Want a good introduction for a 'great speaker?' Try this!

~Are you Plagiarizing your sermons?

~OUR ROOTS: The Minister's Family Tree

~How do these characteristics of the unchurched compare to your experience?





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