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No fancy graphics or streaming video here—just a site of provocative and sometimes helpful writing for Christians who think. Thanks for dropping by. Help yourself to anything you need -- everything is free but its worth it. -- Keith Drury



Reading these pages has been found to

cause thinking among some Evangelicals.



~ What’s the meaning of raising hands in worship     (Responses)

~ Why don’t many men “get into” worship? (Responses)

~ Should a pastor pick worship music?

~ Nine kinds of worship services today

~ What to do about a “dead” Traditional Service?”

~ Pssssst…Boomers: They‘re laughing at you!  

~ You need this book by Robert Webber—YOU REALLY DO.

~ Which one is the “Traditional Worship service” now?

~ What do YOU call that “up front” part of your church?

~ BOOMERS: Will your church become a boomer nursing home in the next 20 years?

~ COMMUNION: John Wesley's sermon The Duty of Constant Communion -- a modern paraphrase.

~ EASTER: Why don't many Protestants take Good Friday seriously?

~ LEADING: Is this letter written about YOU? (Responses)
~ MUSIC: the latest sacrament to experience the "Presence of God" in worship?

~ SONG LEADER: Have you noticed how cheerleading has changed?.....( Responses)
~ MUSIC: Can you guess where I got these Thoughts on the Power of Music?
~ MYSTERY: Why do they yearn for mystery in worship?..... responses
~ CHORUSES: Are you frustrated by these shallow praise choruses?.....( responses)
~ LEADING: O How We Love The New Worship Leader we just got .....
~ CHANGE: The Generation Skip Factor in the worship wars. (outdated—for historical reference)
~ CHANGE: Have you been on the battlefront in the 'Worship Wars?" ....
~ TRENDS: The latest worship trend unplugged worship! (outdated—for historical reference)
~ BOOMER WORSHIP: The 15 unalterable doctrines of the Baby Boomer Worship Creed
~ GEN X WORSHIP: Are you ready for this? Here comes GenX Worship!
~ ALTAR CALL: NO NO I won't go to the altar!
~ CHORUSES: Why are young people so transfixed with praise Choruses ?........ ( responses) 

~ Have you ever seen Totally Useless Worship?

~  Five recent trends in Worship.




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