A Guide to Canoeing the Missouri River

By Keith Drury

The entire text of Canoeing the Missouri River is presented here free as a public service of the CED454 Camping and Retreats class of Indiana Wesleyan University.

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Chapter 1. SO YOU WANT TO CANOE THE MISSOURI RIVER? --here's what you've got in store...

Chapter 2. GEAR --a helpful list of gear to take and leave behind

Chapter 3. TIPS AND HINTS -- great ideas, tips, and hints on trekking.

Chapter 4. My Day-By-Day DIARY -- the journal of one man's trek down the river.

Chapter 5. TREKKING DATA -- a point by point guide to the river.

Chapter 6. AFTER YOUR TREK -- words to the recently finished.

Chapter 7: TRIBUTE TO A RIVER -- how the route becomes the companion.

Chapter 8: A SHORT BOOK LIST --to read before and during your tre .

ABOUT THE AUTHOR -- and how trekking captivated him

WHOLE BOOK IN ONE FILE -- to print out or read sequentially

Presented to future canoe trekkers as a public service of the Camping and Retreats class of Indiana Wesleyan University.

First Edition July 1999

1999, All rights reserved, Keith Drury

While the information in this guide may not be reproduced for sale without the written approval of the author, you are welcome to make copies for actual canoe trekking adventures


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A trek...

a journey...

a pilgrimage...


Dedicated to those who understand the reasons why.

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