Family Matters

Matters of concern mostly to those of us in the Drury Family


Drury Family Histories

~Leonard Drury, Father of Keith & Elmer Drury (partially retyped from old typewriter copy)

~ Drury in England.. Report from 1984 visit to Elsecar, Yorkshire by Keith & Sharon



A. The Anderson line—Beatrice Drury’s father

~ Descendants of John Anderson (Beatrice Drury’s family) .

~ Descendants of Viking “Knut the Dane” (Anderson line)  traced back to 800s .

~ SOUND RECORDINGS OF Andrew Anderson   Great Grandfather of John and David Drury.


B. The Drury line—Leonard Drury’s father

~ Descendants of JAMES (Isaac?) DRURY

~ SOUND RECORDINGS of Walter & Emma Drury . Great Grandparents of John and David Drury.



Bailey Family History

~Ed Bailey, recollections of Ed Bailey, Father of Sharon (Bailey) Drury





















~Keith Drury, Father of John and David Drury

Picture outline:

Material Grandfather -Andrew Anderson—father of Beatrice Drury

Paternal grandparents, Walter & Emma Drury—parents of Leonard Drury

Childhood in McKeesport Pa: 1946-1957

Teen years in Stroudsburg, Pa: 1957—1967

Early years of marriage, 1967-1972

Raising David Drury, 1974+

Raising John Drury, 1978+