McKeesport Pa



Dad became the District Superintendent of the Pittsburgh District of the Pilgrim Holiness Church when I was about a year old and we moved to this district parsonage (which I believe they purchased for $5000). I lived here form age one to age 12.


Keith & Elmer with mother(Beatrice) on porch.


My brother Elmer was nine years older than me so he was almost like an uncle. I worshipped him of course.  When I was entering the first grade he left home (he was in 9th grade) to attend the Christian boarding school at Allentown (connected with Eastern Pilgrim College).  Thus I was raised essentially as an only child and Elmer was like a returning college student who showed up in summers and at Christmas Here is Elmer, me and mother with one of the new cars my dad purchased annually.  Elmer inherited this car-crazy tendency of my father’s and none of those genes passed to me. Taken outside the 2305 Banker Street house in McKeesport Pa. (house not in picture)



Porch with Grandmother(Emma) and unknown boy with Beatrice Drury


Mt Pleasant Camp near Elizabeth Pa.



The Pilgrim Holiness church on Grand View avenue in McKeesport where I first went to the altar in response to God. ON right is the Howells preacher’s daughter with suitor tailing her (later she married him—Emerson Twining).




The last time I wore a pink sweater. Not the lat time I owned a black cat.



Purportedly “my” train layout—actually my dad’s DS hobby—I watched.


My dad loved boats and ships.  Trip across Lake Michigan with my dad on the “Milwaukee clipper.”  My mother wouldn’t go.


My mother always dressed me like a preacher long before I became one (but never dressed like one completely)