Walter & Emmaline Drury (father of Leonard Drury)



Here is how Keith remembers his Drury grandparents.  I don’t recall who they are holding—nobody I knew at least. Why the lamp is on the floor is a mystery to me.




I remember going to their house up on “Blaine Hill” in Elizabeth Pa. Where my father was a teenager.  It was a tall narrow house all alone.  It had no indoor plumbing and my grandmother always combed her hair outside on the porch since she was such a spotless housekeeper and didn’t want  any stray hairs in her house.  The land about the house had grapes and cherries that I looked forward to eating when I visited.  My grandparents into their 70’s walked everywhere—he never drove a car.




The following is a picture of Emma in her “housedress” back by the “shop” which was a combination outhouse and tool shed.




The “shop” must have been a favorite backdrop for pictures by Leonard Drury for here is another one of Emma dressed for church (she retained the English tradition of wearing a hat in church all her life). She had nothing to do with the flowers—they were Walter’s—and of course part of the English heritage but I’ve always wondered if being down in a dark lifeless coal mine all day made him more appreciative of flowers—and this passed on to my father Leonard who always had a flower garden.

 (More later)