Where Wesleyans Disagree with Roman Catholics


Over a once-a-week luncheon in the fall a half-dozen of religion professors met and read the Catechism of the Catholic Church and made notes where Wesleyans would probably disagree.  We each took turns making the notes and we did not do this so fancy that we avoided typos and fumbles here and there—give us a break… we were eating lunch while doing it for goodness sakes! So here we post a PDF copy of our notes.  We were not evaluating Roman Catholic worship styles, or folk beliefs and practices, but only responding to the written document of the Catechism.


When finished we concluded there is a lot of agreement between Wesleyans and Catholics, though there are some very significant differences. Actually we concluded that for a Catholic to become Wesleyan wo9uld be easier than the other way around. A Wesleyan believes far less than a Roman Catholic, so for a Wesleyan to convert means adding beliefs we don’t now have. For a Catholic to become a Wesleyans is to give up these beliefs where Catholics go further then Wesleyans… meaning with a tad more unbelief a Catholic can convert easily. ;-)


Enjoy reading this pdf of our notes from those four months worth of lunches: