Appalachian Trail name "REBOOT"


The Kelly Kettle is not available in the US, or a least nothing on the web

comes up when I search. I found several in Europe, most in the UK. They have

several names: The Storm Kettle from , The Volcano

Kettle from some Y2K supply,, and a German site that I

could not read, and the Kelly Kettle from The Volcano was

1.5 litters and weighed 965 grams. The Storm and Kelly kettles came in 1 and

2 pint sizes and appeared to be identical, The kelly kettle price on the web

page was a little cheaper and included a value added tax that I was exempt

from (being outside the UK) so it became a lot cheaper. Shipping the kelly

kettle 17 sterling pounds where the storm kettle would be shipped COD. I got

the kelly kettle from Farlows of Pall Mall, they do not have a secure web

site so I also would have to add the in price of the phone call to order,

but I had the kettle in a week. I have been making tea in my fire place, and

have been pleased with how fast it boils water. I will get to try it out

next weekend.

Thanks again for all your help. I am glad I had a chance to meet you, even

if briefly. May be I will see you on the AT again sometime. I will be doing

a section for 2 weeks this summer with my father-in-law. I got him Ray

Jardines new book for his 77th birthday and he is ready to try going


God Bless,

Reboot & Pause