Why NOT elect JoAnne Lyon GS?


I’ve heard some of the reasons NOT to elect JoAnne Lyon to the highest elected office in The Wesleyan Church at our General Conference this June.  Here are the three biggest ones and how I see the rationale.  ;-)



1. She thinks globally. JoAnne Lyon is always thinking about the whole world. If she takes the highest job in our church, she might make us all think more about the entire world.


2. She’s a woman. If our daughters and granddaughters see an ordained woman in the highest office in the denomination, they might entertain the thought that they too might be called into ministry.


3. World Hope might collapse. Maybe the succession plan World Hope has agreed on for this summer won’t work, because over the last 12 years she founded such a weak organization that it will collapse whenever she retires, leaves to become GS, or dies.


4. She’s successful where she is.  We shouldn’t elect people to be GS who are doing a great job where they are now. Instead, we should look for someone easily replaceable in their present job.


On second thought, Why not elect JoAnne Lyon a GS?


That’s what I think….


So, what do you think?


Keith Drury, 4/26.08