I’ve solved the

“Immigration problem”


The solution to the "immigration problem" became so obvious to me recently. My solution is so obvious that I think the politicians—at least the Conservative ones—will immediately adopt the logic of it. Here it is:


Since 1973 the USA has aborted the 49 million Americans. Forty nine million lives snuffed out before birth. This was morally wrong but abortion also has huge economic consequences. Just think of the economic influence today of 49 million up-to-33 year olds building homes, having children, buying stuff and paying taxes that would put Social Security on a firm basis for the next 50 years! Yet America killed off these 49 million fellow Americans.

So that’s my solution to the “immigration problem.”  I think we should replace those dead children with immigrants.  If we wanted “
America for Americans” we should have let our own children be born. We killed 49 million of our own kids so we ought to replace that vanished generation with 49 million immigrants. It would be at least partial restitution for our national sin.


There are about 12 million “illegal immigrants” already here, so I think we should start restitution by offering every one of them a path to citizenship. If they all became citizens that would replace about a quarter of our own kids we eliminated. Next we can then figure out how to replace the remaining 75% of the American lives we snuffed out. 


It’s a simple solution—a life for a life…



So, what do you think?

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Keith Drury February 19, 2008


Keith Drury is Associate Professor of Religion at Indiana Wesleyan University