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 For several decades I wrote a column every Tuesday—something to think about and sometimes helpful writing for Christians who think. I retired from writing in 2010 yet still about a thousand folk each week access this archive of past columns.  Most come VIA Google searches but if you found this index page here are some tips to searching:


How to Google past writing on this site:

There are more than 3000 columns posted on this site and you can search them in a Google search box by typing like this:  ßreturns all articles mentioning holiness on this site

"church membership":www.drurywriting.comßreturns all articles with the phrase in quotation marks on this site (in this case all articles on “Church Membership.”




























For historical reference


Memory Jogger pictures of 1980s edition “models”




Actual 1982 downloadable recordings of Strat. Leadership models only (#25-88)