My Party Closet and gift boxes


In my basement you will find 3 boxes labeled “Hostess Gifts, Kid’s gifts and Baby gifts”.  All year long I find deals on gifts, after a holiday especially and find gifts for all these categories.  Just 2 days ago our local large dept. store had additional 50% off the clearance of all toys.  Just as an example I found a great toy for a 1-5 year old valued at $19.99 that I picked up for $4.50.  It will be a great birthday or baby shower gift for someone!  When I need a gift for an occasion like these it is so nice to just pick one out from the boxes in my basement.  Last year the Dollar Store had cute ceramic pumpkins with lids for $.25 each and I bought about 8 and keep them in my hostess gift box.  I keep the rule that the item I am purchasing for these boxes is such a good deal that I just can’t pass it up. I don’t just by things that are this week’s sale at Target.  They really have to be

almostclearanced.”  And be choosy. A lot of the really cheap stuff says cheap and isn’t worth buying anyway. Just use your best judgment on the quality of what you are buying.


I also have a party closet.  Often times you can find great deals at the large party supply stores on paper products. I have so many kinds of napkins, and kids birthday plates, bowls etc. that I could have a last minute party at my home and always come up with something.  I have all kinds of kids birthday supplies too. Well, you might say, “My kids like to choose the theme of their party and I let them get whatever they want”.  I understand that too but you could offer them any theme out of the party closet or just save what you have for another year or another kid. Often you can find things like balloons or party favors on clearance. Just the other week I went to a closing of a dollar store and everything was $.29 so we stocked up on streamers, balloons, party favors, blinking buttons with an age on it etc...


You don’t need a lot of space for all this either.  For years I had all my party supplies in a single Rubbermaid container and that worked until my supplies kept growing. I like having everything on hand and not having to make a special trip to find a certain gift or a certain card or last minute birthday napkins.  It is just all right there!