The End of Christís Coming:

Toward a Wesleyan Christology


  1. Introduction: Christological Problems and Wesleyan Distinctives
  2. The World is His Parish: The Person of Christ and Mission
  3. Sinful Nature Improperly-so-called: The Natures of Christ and Sin
  4. Means of Christís Grace: The Work of Christ and the Holy Spirit
  5. The Prevenience of Jesus: The Claim of Christ and Religions
  6. Those Whom He Foreknew: The Holy Trinity and Providence
  7. Conclusion: Wesleyan Contributions to Ecumenical Theology



Template for Chapters:

I.                     Christological Problem

II.                   Wesleyan Disctinctive

III.                  Working the Problem with Wesleyan Resources