I. Problem

A. Wiggling our way into the Story:

de-stigmatizing Thomas’ reputation – the other disciples doubted too

we as disciples doubt sometimes too …


B. Defining Doubt

3 sides to doubt:

1. disbelief – head – thinking – confusion

2. mistrust – heart – feeling – hurt

3. unfaithfulness – hands – doing – paralysis


II. Solution

A. Initial Clue

Location, Location, Location! : Thomas was not with them

Disciples told & invited him; Thomas was now with them


Here you can doubt: The beginning of faith is communion with the faithful


B. Sharing Time

Groups of 2 or 3 share some doubts you are experiencing


C. The Full Turn of the Good News

Jesus comes to them and …


The Promise: “peace be with you”


The Command: “stop doubting and believe”


1. Belief – head – read C.S. Lewis; talk with other Xns; ask tough questions


2. Trust – heart – read the Gospels and ask ‘can I trust this man’

  Go to God with you Doubts and tell him – Lament Psalms


3. Faithfulness – hands – commit to service in his church and around the world  *my story of teaching junior hi in college


The Blessing: “blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”


Happiness for us that did not get to see

We are a part of his community of faith .. yea!