Proverbs 31 Dad

By David Drury


  10  A father of decent moral fiber who can find?
       He is worth far more than Super Bowl tickets.

    11 His wife has full confidence in him
       and he’s the one she knows she can count on.

    12 He brings her flowers, not just dirty clothes,
       at least on Valentine’s Day.

    13 He understands steel and wood
       and works with manly hands.

    14 He is as faithful as the mailman,
       routinely bringing his paycheck from afar.

    15 He gets up while it is still dark;
       he provides fun and stability for his family
       and knows how to tip the bell man with style.

    16 He considers a stock or other investment;
       out of his earnings he sets aside for the college fund.

    17 He sets about his work robustly;
       his arms are strong for his tasks,

 even if it is merely accounting and e-mail.

    18 He sees that his portfolio is profitable,
       and the CNBC channel does not go out at night.

    19 In his hand he holds the desktop phone
       and grasps the optical mouse with his fingers.

    20 He opens his arms to the poor
       and picks up the bill for his unemployed buddy.

    21 When it snows, he has no fear for his household;
       for he has four-wheel drive.  Hallelujah.

    22 He can’t match his clothes but he looks good in them;
       and he can teach his sons to tie a tie.

    23 His wife is respected because of his adoration,
       and she is more valued in his home than anywhere.

    24 He is good at his trade—one of the best they say,
       he is on time and makes his quota.

    25 He is clothed with studliness and self-respect;
       he gives a guffaw at the days to come.

    26 He speaks with understanding,
       and a good lecture to the kids is on his tongue.

    27 He watches over the quality of his lawn
       and doesn’t let it go to seed for lack of mowing.

    28 His children see him come home from work and call him DADDY!;
       his wife also, praising him says:

    29 "Many men are moral,
       but you are the total package."

    30 Charisma is deceptive, and bench press totals are fleeting;
       but a man who fears the LORD is to be praised.

    31 Give him the reward he has earned,
       and let his works bring him praise among his children.