The Christ-Follower Pop Quiz

Am I a True Follower of Jesus Christ?

By David Drury


Have you ever wondered whether you’re going to heaven or hell?  Have you ever paused to ask yourself: am I really a true follower of Jesus Christ?  Sure, you prayed a prayer or went to an altar or checked a box or did whatever the pastor told you to do to signify that you were becoming a Christian.  But perhaps there’s a bit of doubt in your mind.  Perhaps you don’t know if you’re really on-board?


Or maybe you have the opposite problem.  You’re maybe too sure of yourself.  You think that because you did certain things way back when you’re “in” and it’s a done deal.  You think you have more than just blessed assurance—you’ve got fire insurance.  Guess what, you may need to take this quiz too and check yourself out.


We all need to keep asking ourselves if we are truly following Jesus Christ.  That’s what it’s all about.  So take this quiz and find out where you stand on the Christ-follower meter below.  (If the whole premise of this quiz bothers you please go down to the note at the end marked with an asterisk)*




The Christ-Follower Pop Quiz

[You may wish to print this off to take the pop quiz]


Give yourself from 0-10 points on each category.  A full 10 points for “this is absolutely true about me” and 0 points for “this is absolutely false about me.”  There is no “extra credit” on the Christ-Follower Pop Quiz.




RIGHT PRACTICE—A follower of Jesus Christ will live like Christ did.  They will be “like Him.”  The word “Christian” means “like Christ.”  So if you’re asking “how do I know if I’m a Christian” you have to simply say, “how much am I like Jesus Christ?”  This is largely a matter of your actions.  The things you do.  This isn’t about what you think or intend… it’s all about what you actually end up doing.  Some people would call this your “orthopraxy”—your “right practice.”


____   An impartial observer would say that I am following all the commands of Jesus Christ in the Bible.  I am not practicing any outward intentional sins.

____   Those that know me best would say that I have repented (changed my actions) when it comes to my past sins.  In Christ I’ve overcome them.

____   I engage privately in every spiritual discipline God calls me to and I consistently connect with God in a way that makes me more like Jesus Christ.



Total score for RIGHT PRACTICE: _________ (out of 30 possible pts.)


Categorized tips on improving your orthopraxy based on your score:

0-9         Seek out someone to disciple you and teach you the fundamental life of Christianity.  Start by admitting some things you do are sins, then replace those sinful actions with some simple spiritual disciplines in your life.

10-19     Seek out more rigorous accountability and support to cease sins that continue to have hold of your life.  You can also your small group, class or pastor for help in living as Christ lived.  Consider how you might overcome your areas of spiritual weakness with your areas of spiritual strength. 

20-29     Continue to live as Christ did.  Grow every day.  Make small improvements and don’t get down on yourself when you don’t measure up—there is God’s grace to cover any sin you commit, and God’s power to help you live out the actions you omit. 

30           You may need to repent of your spiritual pride about your religious practices and ask God to show you where you might improve in living out the right practice of your faith.




RIGHT DOCTRINE—A follower of Jesus Christ will believe who he said he is.  They will take him at his word and worship God for who God has revealed himself to be, rather than trying to “invent” a system of belief that is more palatable to popular culture or contemporary thought.  A Christ-follower must believe some things—having a right doctrine—about God.  Without such beliefs a follower will fall into heretical paths.  Some people have called this orthodoxy—your right doctrine.


____   I have a completely biblical view of who Christ is: He is the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified, dead and buried.  He then rose from the dead and ascended into heaven.  I do not doubt these things and take them as facts about Jesus, whom I am following.

____   Those that know me would say that I help them to believe in God more.  I help others to strengthen their faith, rather than tearing it down.

____   I believe in God fully and submit even my opinions and reasoning to the shared doctrine of Christ’s Church.


Total score for RIGHT DOCTRINE: _________ (out of 30 possible pts.)


Categorized tips on improving your orthodoxy based on your score:

0-9         Read some books on the basic nature of Jesus Christ and the role of the Church.  Meet with a pastor or theologian who might be able to guide you to greater faith in God.  Instead of spreading your doubts to others, seek out the Truth of God within community.  And be sure to click this.

10-19     You may need to spend some more time testing your faith.  Join a discussion group about tough questions and doubts you have.  You might also try reciting the Apostle’s Creed once a day for an entire month or more.  Pray for God to strengthen your faith in Him.  Just praying this will increase your faith.

20-29     Continue in your strong faith in God.  Grow to have full confidence in Jesus Christ and who he says he was.  If your doctrine ends up being your highest score, consider whether your lower scores in spirit and practice might actually point to an unknown flaw in your beliefs.

30           You may need to repent of your spiritual pride about your religious beliefs and ask God to show you where you have doubted him and have not fully surrendered to Him and His Church.




RIGHT SPIRIT—A follower of Jesus Christ believes things and does things for the right reasons.  We cannot simply “obey” our way into heaven.  We cannot simply “follow in the dust of our Rabbi Jesus” and do as he did and go through the motions and expect that to “cover us.”  We must have our hearts in the right place.  Other people may look at our outward appearance or our stated beliefs—but God looks at the heart.  Others may score you at 30 in this category when in reality you may be a 0.  When it comes down to it, so much depends on having the right motives.  Though this isn’t a real word, to follow our format so I’m calling this orthousious—or right spirit.


____   When I do a good deed for someone else I never hope they will notice it and think better of me.  I do good deeds because they honor God, not because they help me gain anything in this life.

____   I believe what I believe because of faith—not because it will get me anywhere.  I do not ever assent to public beliefs while still having private doubts. 

____   I am not a hypocrite.  I do not point out the “speck” in other people’s eyes when in reality I have a “plank” in my own eye to deal with.  When I see the sins of others I deal with them out of love and respect and kindness—instead of taking pleasure in the weaknesses of others.


Total score for RIGHT SPIRIT: _________ (out of 30 possible pts.)


Categorized tips on improving your orthousious based on your score:

0-9         Everyone else may think you are doing fine spiritually but you know you are not.  Inside you feel rotten about your false motives.  A time of confession is needed.  Find a group of 2 or more believers, perhaps a small group, perhaps even an entire church, to confess your false motives to and then ask God to give you the right spirit.  Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with His true motives.

10-19     You may need to stop doing some actions or faking your belief in some doctrines in order to be more authentic.  Stop doing things just because they are expected—and start doing them for the right reasons.  As a discipline, do one good deed each day for a month that no one could ever find out you did for them and do not tell anyone about it.

20-29     Continue do good deeds and believe for the right reasons.  But also check yourself on whether you intend good things but don’t actually follow-through.  If this is your highest score in this quiz ask yourself if your lack of faithfulness in the other areas actually points to problem with your heart-motivation.

30           You may need to repent of your spiritual pride about your religious motives and ask God to show you where you might improve in having the right spirit.




RIGHT RELATIONSHIP—A follower of Jesus Christ has a right relationship to, in and for God.  Some people talk about having a “relationship with God.”  You might consider this phrase to be a verbal shorthand for having a right relationship to, in and for God… they relate to Him, they live in Him and they act for Him.


____   I have asked God to forgive my sin and I live my life for Jesus in the power of His Spirit.


Total score for RIGHT RELATIONSHIP: _________ (out of 10 possible pts.)


Categorized tips on improving your orthopraxy based on your score:

0-2         You can take a moment right now to do exactly that: ask God the Father to forgive you and begin to live your life for Jesus in the power of the Spirit.

3-6         You may have made some past decisions to “become a Christian” but you may not have fully grasped the gravity of it or truly committed your whole heart, mind and soul to it.  You can take a moment right now to recommit your life to Christ.

7-10       Remind yourself that you have already done this: that God has truly forgiven you, you live your life for God and you have the power of God to live it as he wills you to.  Don’t live in a constant state of guilt—but instead have that blessed assurance through total dependence on God.




Total score for ALL 4 SUBSECTIONS: _________ (out of 100 possible pts.)





*Of course, it is totally impossible to boil down whether one is a true follower of Jesus Christ to a simple ten question quiz like this one.  It’s ludicrous really.  But the reason for this quiz is not to give you an authoritative way to know if you’re in or out—but rather to help you assess where you are in your life when it comes to following Jesus.  It can help you find your areas of growth and your areas of strength.  More than anything I hope you’ll see that a Christ-follower must have all of these areas present in their life.  One cannot have a right doctrine and spirit but be drastically lacking in right practice (we lawless Christians and hypocrites might fall in this category).  One cannot also have a right spirit and right practice but be drastically lacking in right doctrine (we who flirt with heretical views and doctrine might fall in this category).  And likewise one cannot have a right practice and right doctrine without also having the right spirit about it all (we Christians who have a false motive would fall into this category.)


So, my real hope is that you would crave a balanced Christian life and integrate those three areas within your forgiven Christ-following way of life.




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