About DruryWriting.com


Our patriarch, Keith Drury, has been writing since his big breakthrough essay, “A Dog’s Life” was chosen for publication when he was attending a post-WW2 elementary school in Pennsylvania.


Along the way he developed a passion for not only writing himself, producing his many books, articles and on-line Tuesday Column—he also developed a passion for developing the passion for writing in others.  He mentored others in writing.  Being a to-the-point practical writer, he unpretentiously coaxed others into writing as much as they could muster from their finger-tips.


This mentoring leaked into the family.  Keith’s wife, Sharon, wrote much in the past but is writing more today than ever, and has completed a doctoral degree in leadership from Regent University, and now writes often on leadership and management.  His son David, writes as much as he can in a variety of styles and directions – exploring ideas about life and ministry through his keyboard.  His son John is a young theologian fresh out of Princeton and intent on crossing the worlds of theological reflection and practical life in his scholarly writing.  Even the daughter’s-in-law are getting in on the writing act.  Kathryn is finding herself writing practical tips on managing a home, saving money and “being your own middle-man.”  Amanda, in her final year at Princeton, is writing everything from fiction to sermons.


And so this site came into being – so that our family might share what we write with one another, and let you in on it too.


Keep checking – we’re posting nearly all that we’re writing.  And we’re all writing all the time.



The Pen is mightier than the Sword,



The Drurys